Saturday, 20 April 2019

Skincare Product : COSRX

Hi. Assalamualaikum semua.

Last few weeks, I have interested with this particular products. It's Cosrx. I dah follow twitter Iman, Maisarah & twtkecantikan, and a lot of people are giving good reviews about this product.

My skin type is normal to dry, and I have hormonal acne. Selalunya, kalau nak dekat dengan bendera merah tu, akan naik la jerawat seketul dua.

So for acne, I have to seek for products that contains Salicylic acid and dry skin I have to look for products yang boleh bagi kulit moisturise. 

Since few weeks ago, I ada tengok website Hermo. But the product is quite pricey. Since duit pun tak banyak, I tengok je la. I tak pernah lagi beli skincare products dekat any website. The product's price itself and postage lagi, rasa macam tak berbaloi. but then, tiba tiba Hermo ada buat sale untuk products Cosrx ni and also free postage for RM50 and above. I was so excited and terus grab because I think it really berbaloi. 

So what did I bought? Below is the items that I grab during the sale which are Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser and Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.

It takes about 3 days for me to receive the items. Let's take a lot one by one.

1) Corsrx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

what this product claims for :

A Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser helps to reduce breakouts and promotes clear skin. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive. It gently removes impurities and excess sebum while fighting pimples and blemishes, leaving skin soft and smooth without the stripping feeling.

Since I jenis ada acne juga even hormonal acne, so I am very excited to use this cleanser since it active ingredient ialah Salicylic Acid. I haven't tried this because I still have my current cleanser left and also I nak guna satu satu dulu tengok suit my skin or not.

2. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

what this product claims for :

Formulated with 96% Snail Secretion Filtrate(Mucin), this essence protects the skin from moisture loss while keeping the skin texture smooth and healthy. This essence is created from nutritious, low-stimulation filtered snail mucin in order to keep your skin moisturized all day while bringing back your skin's vitality. The filtered snail mucin replenishes and revitalizes nutrients with looking healthy skin. It's suitable for all skin types. For best results, use together with Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream.

Okay for this one I really really EXCITEDDDD nak try because I read a lot of good review from the people. So once dapat, malam tu I terus letak kat muka. And it really makes my face lembut sangat and after few hours muka pun tak rasa dry sangat. So I sangat excited nak tau what this product can help with my skin.

3. Mask

okay yang ni treats dari Hermo. Thanks Hermo :)

4. Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30 40ml

Yang ini pun treats dari Hermo. I tak order tapi masa bukak kotak, ada barang ni. I tak pernah beli from Hermo so I guess memang dia nak bagi la kot. I tak tau ni apa, is it moisturiser? I take a look in the website, and this products is suitable for dehyradrated sensitive dry to very dry skin as well as for dehydrated sensitive normal to combination skin. 

This products claims that it can generates hydration, anti ageing/anti uv/anti oxidants, enlightens the complexion as well as smoothes skin texture. Yang paling best, it is suitable to be use as make base. haa excited kan.

I received the products in Hermo kotak. Hermo siap bagi suggestions lagi nak buat ape dengan the box. But I was too excited terus koyak kan aje. Hahaha. So ganas right.

Anyway, thanks Hermo for the sale. Jimat sikit duit I. You guys if wanna try the products, you can purchase it from Hermo. Next, I wanna try The Ordinary Niacinamide serum pulak.

till then. thanks for reading ya.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Umrah 2018

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Alhamdulillah pada penghujung tahun lepas, saya dan keluarga telah dijemput sekali lagi untuk menunaikan ibadah umrah. Alhamdulillah.

Namun perjalanan kali ini tidak lah mudah kerana Allah telah mendatang kan sedikit ujian kepada saya. Walau bagai mana pun, saya anggap ada hikmah yang tersembunyi yang Allah lebih tahu. InsyaAllah. 

Umrah kali ini, kami cuba untuk menjalankan umrah DIY. Kami beruntung kerana ada ahli keluarga kami yang boleh berbahasa Arab dengan baik, jadi isu language barrier bukan lah satu masalah buat kami. Namun, untuk menjalani umrah DIY ini bukan lah mudah. Permohonan visa kami agak bermasalah tetapi berkat doa, semua nya berjalan lancar.

Persiapan sebelum menunaikan umrah juga sama seperti biasa. Kami mencari travel agent yang boleh membantu kami dengan persiapan visa, menjalani kursus umrah, mengambil suntikan vaksin, serta membeli pakaian yang sepatutnya disana.

Kami sekeluarga telah memilih penerbangan terus ke Jeddah. Alhamdulillah, jam 6petang waktu Jeddah, kami telah selamat tiba di sana. 

Alhamdulillah, kami telah berada di Mekah selama 6 hari dan selama 5 hari pula, kami berada di Madinah.


on the way to Masjid


Diluar Masjidil Haram

Menara Jam



Ziarah Mekah & Madinah

Kilang membuat Al Quran. Dapat Quran free dekat sini. Alhamdulillah

Tempat Melontar

Couldn't remember the name of this place, tapi dekat sini ada Maqam. One of the Maqam, it is said belongs to Saidatina Khadijah. 

Mina Camp. MasyaAllah 

Jabal Rahmah

Jabal Nur = Gua Hira'

Sumber Air Zam Zam

Alhamdulillah. Satu pengalaman yang sangat bermakna. Umrah kali ini yang secara DIY, semua pun kena buat sendiri. Makan, transport semua urus sendiri. Alhamdulillah rezeki kami. Kali ini, dari Mekah - Madinah, kami memilih untuk menaiki Haramain Speed Train. Harga tiker lebih kurang 250 Riyal. Laju dan selesa. 

okay. sampai di sini saja. InsyaAllah. Semoga Allah pilih lagi untuk kita semua menjadi tetamu Nya. InsyaAllah.


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Hi Peeps,

It's been a while since I wrote in this blog. Life has been busy. As I grow older, I realized I have a lot to do so that I have a bright future. In Sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah. Today is the first day of 2019. It's 1 January 2019. This year gonna be a tough year and definitely will be more challenging. I wanted to find a new job in this year. Well. I think I had enough with all the scenes and dramas in my current one. Well... It's not that I'm to "manja", it just that my heart is no longer here. 

But there is one thing that might keep me hold the decision. I decided to get married (but not real soon). And loved one is working in the same area with me. I mean we are both in the same city. Definitely it is not KL. So if I started looking for a new job, I wanted to find somewhere in KL but thinking about getting married, it wasn't easy. The needs to travel, and probably most of my time will be spend on travelling, hence the thought of getting married + new job wasn't really a good one. But....... I really really couldn't stand my current job. I have a very selfish team, this is just so negative for me.

Hopefully, Allah will show me the right path and whatever is good for me, may Allah guide towards it and accept it with all my heart. In Sha Allah.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Life Journey


Hi Peeps,

Last week dah attend Interview PTD. So settle satu bahagian. Just doa semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita kita semua. Insyaallah, semoga ada rezeki untuk kali ini.

For some reason, I wanted this PTD job so badly. So I back to my usual and normal working life. Aishh. It is not easy at all. I've been working here for only 11 months but so much drama, hatred, and unfairness that I've faced already. Terkejut meh bila hadap situasi macam ni. My working experience tak banyak pun. Tapi this is the first time I've faced this kind of situations. Pointing fingers, no teamwork, rudeness. Weh ape ni!! I can't imagine how to survive and how much longer I have to faced all this.

Working in 1 team but why always buat muka when talking to one another? Depan bos sendiri berlakon jadi baik, belakang bos baling **** kat orang lain. So fake. I cannot tahan. I can't imagine big big company like this one got employee's problem attitude. Even my  colleague applaud me for able to tahan until today.  I just got no mood at all to wake up every morning and thinking of going to work. Mehhhh.

Please lah. Even though your level is much more higher, please have some respect to another person. We are human beings. We got perasaan as well. The first time I come here also being treated like trash. But I keep being patient because my only niat is to cari rezeki and help my family. But some times, I feel so tired. I just want to lepaskan all this. O Allah. Please help me.

I'm currently looking for a new job, to start a new, a fresh me. I dont want to be involve in this negative vibe anymore. May Allah show me the right path. Ameen.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Keputusan PAC PTD M41 2018

Hi Assalamualaikum semua.

It's been a while. Last March, I attended PAC PTD M41. Ni kali kedua attend PAC, and the first time was in 2016. Huhu. Never ending story apply for PTD ni. 

Anyway, the format is a little bit different compared to last time I attend masa 2016. Masa 2016 tu, PAC dijalankan selama 2 hari. Tapi tahun ni sehari je. Memang satu pengalaman baru and nervous sangat especially masa nak dapat topik untuk Public Speaking and Pengucapan Awam. Nervous lepas jawab essay pun tak habis lagi, dah kena cari point untuk PS/PA pulak. Anyhow, it's a good experience to prepare us untuk give the best within the short period of time. Insyallah, I believe God is helping us too. I can see that untuk topik2 yang kita dapat tu, semua orang ada idea tersendiri untuk deliver their speech. Alhamdulillah. 

Untuk group discussion pun I can see that we are helping each other. Tengok kawan kawan yang belum ada peluang untuk bercakap tu, kita bagi peluang untuk mereka lontarkan idea mereka pulak. And my team was awesome sangat, I would say. And this year, ada LDK untuk PAC kali ini. Something new for me, sebab masa 2016 takda pun LDK. I'm not sure pulak masa 2017.

Alhamdulillah, today the result for PAC PTD M41 already out. And guess what? 


Lepas lagi PAC untuk my 2nd try. 2 kali try PAC, 2 kali lepas sampai IV stage. Hopefully, ada lah rezeki untuk diriku tahun ni. Ya Allah. Please ease my journey. I really2 want this so badly. Please pray for me everyone. May Allah bless all of us. Congrats untuk semua yang lepas PAC ni. Goodluck and all the best. See ya!


Sunday, 28 January 2018

UKJK PTD M41 2018

Assalamualaikum semua. 

Lama betul tak update blog. It's been a while. :) I hope everyone is doing good.

Last week I ada attend UKJK PTD M41. The last time I tried was in 2016. It's been 2 years already. So ada sedikit perubahan compare tahun 2016 dengan 2018. Kalau dulu, UKJK combine with PAC. But this year, pihak SPA dah separate kan the test. Anyway, never ending story betul nak apply PTD ni. Hehe. Insyaallah ada rezeki ada. Never give up and always give a try.

Okay. I nak cerita sikit lah dengan UKJK 2018 ni. The components are still the same. 1)BMI, 2)Saringan kesihatan, 3)Curl Up, 4)Sit & Reach,  5)Hand Grip, and last but not least the test that scared the candidates the most is Bleep Test huhuhu.

Okay this year yang I tau UKJK dia buat setengah hari je. So dalam email akan bagitau sama ada you session pagi or session petang. Mine was morning session. Okay lah. Sebab I memang tak reti if dapat petang, lepas lunch hour nak buat test semua tu I memang tak reti. Thank God dapat pagi. This year I dapat near to my house so no need to travel jauh2 macam last 2 years hehe. Anyway, I sampai 6.50 macam tu, took my breakfast which is pisang and minum air masak je. Lepas tu terus cari dewan and register. Lepas pegawai check surat panggilan dan check document kita, pegawai akan bagi no giliran dan kita kena beratur dalam 5 person untuk ambil gambar. New Process for me. Sebab dulu takde ambil gambar. Hihihi.

Okay lepas ambil gambar, masuk dewan isi borang semua and make friends. Yeayy. I dapat kawan baru. Important to make friends supaya you selesa sepanjang program. Takkan nak senyap je kan. Around 8.30 macam tu, pegawai start bagi taklimat and after that we start the test.

This time, we rotate in group of 15 person buat BMI, Ujian Saringan Kesihatan, Sit & Reach and Handgrip. So yang tinggal curl up dengan bleep test tak buat lagi. Kalau dulu, masa rotate buat ujian tu we did curl up as well. But this time, the officer kumpulkan kita semua then only we do the curl up. So masa curl up tu, semua candidates tengok you buat. Nasib lah kan kalau you tak boleh bangun langsung tu. Huhu. Tips untuk curl up ni kena praktis selalu. I buat hari2 like after kerja i baring kat lantai I buat hari2. Sebab kalau you tak buat hari2, memang tak boleh naik. And masa u nak naik tu, breath out, masa turun breath in. Thats the tips. Ahh btw, last 2 years pegawai pegang kaki kita masa curl up. But this year, dieorg tak pegang kaki. Tapi kaki mesti kena jarak sikit supaya senang bangun. And you are lucky if you get kind officer. Dieorg bagi support kat you tau. Rasa semangat sikit nak buat betul2. 

Untuk hand grip, sama je macam dulu. No different. Tips here, adjust jarak before you buat hand grip tu. Kalau jarak besar memang susah tangan you nak grip, hence low point. Untuk sit and reach pun sama juga no different compared to last year. The tips here, tarik nafas panjang2 then terus lunjurkan tangan you. Bent your body as much as you can. Insyaallah boleh dapat tinggi point. Ada yang dapat maximum point tau!. Please make sure do warm up first. 

Last but not least bleep test yang scary tu. I memang takde praktis lari. Balik kerja memang malam and weekend tak free plus sometimes hujan etc so I memang takde praktis. Kadang2 I lari2 anak dalam rumah. Ade gile ko hahahhaa. Terpaksa la kan. And ada sekali I free I pergi gym berlari kat treadmill. Itu pun sekali tu jela I pergi. So I asked my friend what is the tips for bleep test? She told me, bernafas ikut hidung. In and Out memang through hidung. I dont know la whether tips ni betul ke tak but I tried my result is better compared to last year. 

Ok after kita habis kita punya bleep test, boleh terus balik no need to wait. Sebabnya result takkan bagitau time tu kan. So boleh la balik. Kena pulangkan dulu no giliran tu dekat pegawai kat luar dan pegawai akan bagi link untuk jawab soalan Psikometrik pulak. Haaa yang ni memang lain. Dulu takde pun psikometrik ni but this year kena jawab. You have to answer it 1 week after your UKJK. I belum jawab lagi I punya ujian psikometrik. Later, bila dah jawab I will share with you guys okay.

See Ya,


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ujian Online Pegawai Eksekutif Gred 41 LHDN

Salam Semua.

Semalam pagi, tiba tiba ada dapat SMS panggilan exam online untuk jawatan Pegawai Eksekutif LHDN ni. I can't remember bila sebenarnya apply. Tapi tak sangka LHDN pun kena exam online jugak. T_T

Ingatkan PTD je yang ada exam online. Tapi la kita cuba. I have no idea macam mana exam online untuk LHDN ni but I think the format will be quite similar macam PTD dulu.

Anyway, goodluck and all the best semua.

P/S : Any tips, can share with me? wink wink

Saturday, 7 January 2017


Salam Semua.

Memandangkan ada yang bakal menghadapi PAC PTD M41, sedikit la nak cerita berdasarkan pengalaman saya yang lepas PAC tapi tak lepas Interview. Hihi.

Ni bukan tips, ni nak cerita je macam mana UKJK tu at least nanti ada gambaran sikit macam mana. Ye tak? Mungkin aktiviti nya masih sama macam tahun lepas.

Masa pagi pagi datang tu, kena beratur ambik nombor ye. Nombor ni la yang akan dipakai sepanjang PAC nanti. Bukan hanya untuk UKJK, malah esok nya tu pun pakai nombor.  So beratur ambik nombor. Katakan 1.Ali, 2.Abu, 3.Shukri, 4.Aishah, 5. Ayu, 6.Mamat smpai la 10. Ahmad. Mungkin 1-10 ni akan jadi 1 group dan akan buat aktiviti UKJK bersama sama. Jadi sila la tempatkan diri anda dalam kalangan yang sesuai. Jangan awak sorang je perempuan yang lain lelaki. Sebabnya takut terkejar nanti nak buat beep test. :p *Please note, peserta memakai No 1 - 20 ialah group 1 untuk aktiviti UKJK sahaja. Untuk aktiviti seterusnya tak ingat dah macam mana bagi group. Tapi nombor still kena gantung kat leher ye. Dah mcm IC la nombor tu.

Lepas je register dapat nombor, ada buat stretching dulu rase kemudian check BMI. BMI lulus boleh buat UKJK. BMI tak lulus? Boleh tarik beg ala ala akademi fantasia :p

So lepas lulus BMI, bermula la ujian UKJK. Masa ni dah diberikan group. Sape no 1 - 20 jadi group no 1 dan seterusnya. Group 1 buat aktiviti lain, Group 2 buat aktiviti lain dan seterusnya lah.

Basically UKJK ni ada 4 aktiviti :

1. Beep test
2. Curl Up
3. Hand Grip
4. Jangkauan Melunjur


Apa beep test ni? Beep Test ni ialah Lari ulang alik 20m tak silap diiringin dengan bunyi BEEP. Kena sampai garisan sebelum bunyi BEEP. 1 level mungkin ulang alik 6-7 kali. Tak ingat dah. Nanti setiap seorang akan ada pegawai yang jaga. Pegawai akan check kita sempat tak sampai garisan sebelum bunyi beep. Kalau tak sempat dia akan bagi amaran. Amaran lebih 3 kali kalau tak silap kena la berhenti dari berlari lari tu.

contoh beep test
Kalau nak lagi faham, boleh tengok youtube. Ada banyak. Boleh la start praktis download apps beep test. Kene oo praktis kalau tak mesti blur nanti walaupun berlari je. Hihi

2. Curl Up 

Curl up ni pulak ape? Curl up atau ujian ringkuk tubi separa. Entah ape benda nye tah. Kalau bangkit tubi tu tau la kan. Itu pun buat time zaman sekolah je. Masuk uni pun ada kot. Tak ingat lah. Rupa nya ada aktiviti curl up. Baru tau. Hihi.

Contoh Curl Up

Masa nak buat curl up ni, setiap seorang akan ada pegawai yang jaga. Pegawai akan tolong kira berapa banyak kita boleh buat. Kalau tak silap, dalam masa 1 minit. Posisi sama macam dalam gambar. Tangan letak dekat sisi bukan dekat dada. Dan tangan mesti kene cecah garisan masa bangun tu. Yang ni memang kena praktis sebab ada je orang yang tak dapat bangun langsung. :( I did read somewhere, masa nak bangun tu tarik nafas. Betul ke? Tak tahula bukan atlet. 

3. Hand Grip

Aktiviti seterusnya ialah handgrip. Tujuan nya apa? Untuk kekuatan tangan kot. Sebelum buat aktiviti hand grip ni, akan ada pegawai explain cara nak pegang macam mana sebab takut ketat sangat ke. Bahagian pegang tu boleh adjust. And pegawai akan bagi kite pegang dulu praktis la kan. Hiihi

contoh hand grip

4. Jangkauan Melunjur

Last but not least, jangkauan melunjur. Rasa nya semua pun tahu aktiviti ni macam mana. Jauh mana awak boleh melunjurkan badan awak tu. Hihi. Tarik nafas dan terus tolak benda tu. Insyaallah boleh pergi jauh. 

Ok tamat la sudah cerita UKJK. Again, this is not a tips. Cume cerita sahaja overview UKJK tu macam mana. Praktis insyaallah lepas UKJK. Lepas UKJK, rehat for lunch and solat lepas tu berkumpul. Time ni pegawai akan bagitau result UKJK. Nombor yang dipanggil kedepan adalah nombor yang tidak berjaya UKJK. Bersyukur la sekiranya anda berjaya, dan haruslah menghadapi ujian yang seterusnya.

All the best candidates !

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Allah tests me, because He loves me.

Azam tahun baru ni, tak nak sedih sedih lagi dah. Tapi, entah la. Berat nya rasa ujian dari Allah ni.
Mungkin bagi orang lain, biasa je. Tapi orang yang menghadapi nya ni. Yes, nak compare dengan orang lain, apalah sangat ujian hidup aku ni. Tapi, aku tak kuat.

Kadang kadang bila tengok kehidupan orang lain, tipula aku tk cemburu. Kenapa aku tak boleh jadi macam dieorang. Semua yang aku buat, semua tak menjadi. Pelik, kat mana silap nya. Tertanya tanya apa yang silap sampai begini sekali diuji.

Semoga aku terus kuat menghadapi ujian dari Allah. Sesungguhnya pasti ada ganjaran yang menanti.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sabah Trip 2016

Salam Dear Readers,

Lama tak tulis blog sebab hari raya kan. Rasa nya masih belum terlambat lagi nak wish selamat hari raya kan? Semoga hari raya haritu, membawa seribu kegembiraan dan kebahagiaan untuk anda semua. Amin.

So, today's post is about my Sabah Trip. Actually, trip ni sebelum puasa lagi. Saya memang teringin nak ke Sabah.

Below are some pictures from my Sabah Trip. Hehe


Skincare Product : COSRX

Hi. Assalamualaikum semua. Last few weeks, I have interested with this particular products. It's Cosrx. I dah follow twitter Iman...