Saturday, 5 May 2018

Life Journey


Hi Peeps,

Last week dah attend Interview PTD. So settle satu bahagian. Just doa semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita kita semua. Insyaallah, semoga ada rezeki untuk kali ini.

For some reason, I wanted this PTD job so badly. So I back to my usual and normal working life. Aishh. It is not easy at all. I've been working here for only 11 months but so much drama, hatred, and unfairness that I've faced already. Terkejut meh bila hadap situasi macam ni. My working experience tak banyak pun. Tapi this is the first time I've faced this kind of situations. Pointing fingers, no teamwork, rudeness. Weh ape ni!! I can't imagine how to survive and how much longer I have to faced all this.

Working in 1 team but why always buat muka when talking to one another? Depan bos sendiri berlakon jadi baik, belakang bos baling **** kat orang lain. So fake. I cannot tahan. I can't imagine big big company like this one got employee's problem attitude. Even my  colleague applaud me for able to tahan until today.  I just got no mood at all to wake up every morning and thinking of going to work. Mehhhh.

Please lah. Even though your level is much more higher, please have some respect to another person. We are human beings. We got perasaan as well. The first time I come here also being treated like trash. But I keep being patient because my only niat is to cari rezeki and help my family. But some times, I feel so tired. I just want to lepaskan all this. O Allah. Please help me.

I'm currently looking for a new job, to start a new, a fresh me. I dont want to be involve in this negative vibe anymore. May Allah show me the right path. Ameen.

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